About Us


IMELTECH group of companies are involved in designing, fabricating, manufacturing and supply of a wide range of products that deals with water purification for industrial, commercial and domestic applications as well as oil and gas industry.

Among the group’s continuous growth, constant awareness of new demands and market trends has been the management’s priority. This, along with the companies’ wide-ranging imaginative research and development activities, provides our customers with products and services second to none, and has been the driving force which has brought the companies to a unique position in the industrial and medical world.

Today, you can find an IMELTECH product in almost every part of Malaysia, heading towards a better tomorrow in fields such as water purification, medical and home care.

Our Vision

We put our customers at the center of what we ao. We drive excellent sustainable financial performance. We are committed to leadership in sustainability. We strive to ensure environmental friendly products.

Our strategic priorities

We will outperform our competition to be a globalized company with simplified operations and a highly inspired team !